Artwork Digitizing & Giclée Printing

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1-Artwork by Kellie Day


We meet with you to evaluate your original artwork and determine which method of digitizing will produce the best result and fit your budget.  Learning your expectations is a critical part of this initial artwork consultation.


We offer six levels of Artwork Digitizing. The digitizing method is dependent upon your original size, medium, texture, finish and final application. 

2-Artwork by Kellie Day
3-Artwork by Margaret Kaufmann.jpg


Proofing is the process of comparing a printed strip with the original artwork. This allows us to evaluate color in a cost effective way. Standard and Professional are the two levels of proofing available. The prices for each can be found on the digitizing price list above.

Standard - Basic on-screen color adjustments. Client accepts color without proof review.

Professional - Detailed printed proofs with precise color adjustments. Client reviews printed proofs side by side with original artwork. 

Pro Tip: If you first choose Standard but end up wanting a closer match, you can upgrade to Professional.

4-Artwork by Sherry Polcyn.jpg


Once your proofs are approved we will proceed with printing and finishing. We help you select a paper or canvas that works well with your style of artwork. Once again, we will consider your budget as we discuss paper and canvas options.  We offer several price points to meet your needs.

If you need a digital file, we can help with that too. We can e-mail your file, save it on a flash drive, or burn it to a disk. 


Examples of Digitized Art


We would love to help you with your next digitizing project.