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What is it?

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The BluPano is a panoramic camera adapter. It eliminates parallax to allow for a perfect panoramic stitch. Camera and tripod not included. Read more below.

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The BluPano is a panoramic camera adapter that accommodates standard SLR cameras.  It eliminates parallax error by placing the lens optical center precisely over the axis of rotation for perfectly stitched panoramas. It is designed to allow single or multi-row panoramas without the bulk, cost or weight of other units.  The BluPano is made from solid aircraft-specification aluminum with stainless steel and solid brass hardware.

Weight: 1.5lbs (683grms)


Dragon Point Sunrise (Black Canyon) by Vince Farnsworth using the Blue


How does it work? Since you asked...

  • The scaled 5.5 in. (140 mm) adjustment slot, with additional offset positions, allows a full 8 inches (200 mm) of adjustment.
  • The captive solid brass machined thumbscrew and nylon washer allow easy and accurate adjustment of camera position.
  • There are ten (10) pre-drilled 1/4-20 tripod/quick-release mounting holes for accurate lateral positioning of the camera.
  • The position of the camera for each lens and focal length can be conveniently recorded directly on the integrated laminated decal. 
  • The camera mounting side of the plate has a non-slip surface for ultra-secure positioning with minimal force on the thumbscrew.
  • A built-in bull’s-eye spirit level is included for convenient leveling of the tripod head.
  • Two cotton muslin drawstring bags (one small and one large) are included for convenient storage and transport.
  • The simple and reliable two-piece design allows assembly and disassembly with two screws and a single hex key (included).

Dimensions (assembled)

Largest plate offset
7.75 x 3.625 x 4.625 inches (197 x 92 x 117 mm)
Smallest plate offset
6.5 x 3.625 x 4.625 inches (165 x 92 x 117 mm)

Dimensions (unassembled):

Camera mounting plate:
6.5 x 4.25 x 0.375 inches (165 x 108 x 9.5 mm)
Tripod mounting plate:
3.675 x 3.0 x 0.5 inches (93 x 76 x 12.5 mm)


About the Creator:  Vince Farnsworth


Vince is a nature and landscape photographer based in Montrose, Colorado, a stone’s throw from the beautiful San Juan Mountains and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  The concept of the BluPano arose from the need to capture the expansive vistas that presented themselves at every photo outing.   “I wanted to bring back the entire scene, not just small glimpses of it.  Smaller parts can always be extracted and expanded later.  I didn’t want to miss a thing, especially in rapidly changing light.”  Panoramic photography is the answer.

Since moving to Montrose, Vince has concentrated his efforts on photographing Black Canyon and the landscapes of southwestern Colorado.  Most recently, he has been capturing images of the night sky above the landscape in panorama, a very challenging and rewarding pursuit.  “I’m looking for a different take on some of the more iconic locations.  Creative photography is all about seeing things in a unique way and conveying that vision to an audience.”  His work is on display at the Black Canyon Visitors Center, Montrose City Visitors Center, local galleries and businesses.  It can also be seen in a variety of magazines and adorning the walls in public spaces. Take a look at his website:


Examples of Images taken with Blu Pano