DIY Stretched Canvas Kits


This is a beautiful budget friendly way to display photography & fine art images with an added bonus of the reward that comes from making something yourself.


  • Your print on Photo Satin Canvas 350 g/m2 (19 mil)

  • 4 Stretcher Bars

  • 4 Corner Braces

  • 4 Staples

Corner Jigs and Glue are required for assembly, but are reusable. You only need one set of corner jigs to assemble an endless amount of stretched canvas wraps, and the glue will last through quite a few as well.


Watch How It Works:



Frequently Asked Questions About This Project:

Can I assemble the stretched canvas wrap without the corner jigs?
No. The corner jigs are necessary for a successful wrap.

Do the corner jigs work with any size bars?
Yes. The corner jigs can be used for any of the sizes we offer.

Are the sizes horizontal or vertical?
Either. You can use a horizontal, vertical or square image.

Do I need any other supplies for assembly?
Yes. You will need a razor knife, an exacto knife, or scissors and durable cutting surface like a self healing mat or a cutting board. These are also listed on the assembly video.

Can I get my painting printed on canvas?
Yes. We offer digitizing services so that you can get perfect copies of your paintings to stretch on canvas. 

How can I upload my image to you? 

Use this convenient upload link.

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