Frequently Asked Questions

What do we Guarantee?

We guarantee the craftsmanship of our framed pieces. If you ever experience a problem with the craftsmanship quality of our projects, please bring it back to our shop as soon as possible so we can correct the issue at no additional charge to you.

We want you to fall in love your framed project. If for any reason at all you do not love it or simply change your mind, we will fix or rework it for you. Bring your framed piece back to the shop within 30 days, and we will fix it at no charge. If you decide you want different materials, you will only pay the cost of new materials.

Your artwork is meant to last a lifetime. When you get a custom frame at Tim Frates, you can rest assured that your artwork will be enjoyed for generations. We use the best conservation materials to protect your framed project, like acid-free mats and conservation or museum glass. We don’t settle for cheap materials that will fade and damage your artwork over time.

What are our turn-around times?

Please allow 2 weeks for your custom framing project. Awards, laser engraving, and other memorabilia can typically be finished in three days, if we have the items in stock. If you have a special event, please let us know right away so we can complete your project for you in time!

Allow a bit more time if you have multiple pieces to your project, or if you want Tim to design custom artwork for you.

If you have any questions about the progress your project, email Tim anytime for an update (, or call during business hours. 970-615-7050