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Why Us -- Hire a Pro -- Have a Design

Why Choose us for your design?

We understand that while every business needs design services at some point, not every business is equipped with an in-house design team. Here are a few reasons why you should intrust your design project to us.

  • Consistency: We care about your brand even if we aren't the creator of your materials, we'll dig into your brand and your goals and make sure everything remains consistent.

  • Current: We are up on trends not only do we want you to remain true to your brand, we also care that you are current with your industry and design trends.
  • Value: Your time is valuable, you are likely very efficient at doing what you do well, and maybe not so much at things you haven't had a lot of training or experience with. We are very efficient and effective at design.
  • Knowledge: We know our industry and we lean yours, we are experts at our industry, and we soak up as much as we can bout your industry for every project.
  • Effective: Professionally trained designers with tons of experience, we deliver results that we know will work. We understand application/use, readability, layout, color, target markets, good design, and everything that should be considered with producing designs.
  • Value: Yes, value is listed twice  We believe your cost should be based on how much time we spend executing your goal. Therefore, we do not have a set price for a banner design, logo design or any other type.

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Hire a Pro - Pricing:

Here are some estimated design costs for some of our popular products based on our design rate of $75 p/hr. For a more accurate estimate, give us a call and speak with a designer about your project.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 4.21.40 PM.png

Design services are in addition to any product purchase.

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Have a Design Ready to Submit?

$20 File Setup Explained

This only applies to files that are supplied with intent to print "as-is" and those that require digital proofs. Does not include most photo orders.
This fee includes the time spent reviewing client supplied files for correct size, spelling, color, fonts, preparing digital proofs, setting up a print file, and in house printed proofing.
When client files require more modifications to make them print ready we will bill additional editing time at $75 per hour. Here are a few pointers on sending great files to avoid additional file setup charges.

  • Resolution of 100ppi min. at the print size. (no bleeds necessary)
  • Outline text and embed images
  • Acceptable print file types: .eps .pdf .jpg .tiff
  • Read More about saving print ready files