What we scan -- What we don't...

What we do scan:

We scan just about any type of retro media to produce high resolution digital copies. Size is not an issue.
We can capture your piece with ample resolution. View Pricing


We Scan Transparency Slides.


We Scan Old Photos


We Scan Existing Prints


...And Just About Anything Else*

What We Don't Scan:

Copyright Stamped Photos

The rights to print photos with a copyright mark or watermark like the ones a professional photographer might give to you belong to the photographer or artist. In accordance with copyright laws, we cannot reproduce images that are copyrighted by other photographers or artists without their written permission.
Download the permission form

Art Prints For Anyone Who Is Not The Artist

The rights to make copies of art posters, original pieces, and any other printed piece that was created by someone else belong to the artist unless they were sold with the piece or the artist has been deceased for 70 years. In which case you should be able to provide that documentation at the time of your order. This also applies to unpublished works and works created in other countries. Click here to learn more about artwork digitizing. 


It is ok to use US currency in a design, as long as it is not 100% scale or double-sided. This means we will not replicate currency.